- Stairs

- Guardrails and Misc. Railings

- Access Ladders for Elevators & Rooftops

- Grating

- Platforms



- Architectural Metals

- Stainless Steel

- Aluminum

- Brass

- Chain-link (galvanized or vinyl coated)

- Wood (split rail or privacy)

- Vinyl

- Ornamental Wrought Iron

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- Beams
- Trusses

- Bar Joist

Accent is the industry leading fabricator & erector of structural steel, miscellaneous metals, and ornamental metals. Our team of highly trained Iron Workers are able to perform any duties to complete jobs on a timely basis. We ensure jobs are done safely, as our staff is OSHA 30, certified riggers and signalman. All our employees are AWS D1.1 certified Welders. No job is too big or small. Please contact us today for all your business needs!



.- Shielded Metal Arc Welding
- Metal Arc Welding
- Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
- Plasma Cutting Services 
- Torch Cutting Services
- Various Abrasive Services